Semalt Shares Tips On How To Prevent Spam Email

Spam is now a constant feature in our everyday lives. From 2011 statistics, 77.8% of all emails received were spam, which is a whopping 8 out of every ten emails. Nobody wishes to have spam email since some are behind identity thefts or virus infections. Phishing and malware trace back to spam emails. For example, out of 319 emails, one is phishing, and out of 281 emails, one is malware. Therefore, spam can significantly affect a business system.

Ross Barber, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, offers to use the following ways to reduce the number of spams ambushing the email inbox.

1. Taking necessary precautions

In most cases, before a spammer begins spamming, they must know the recipient's email address. Therefore, users need to use complex usernames to make it hard for them to figure them out. The software they use normally makes out clear and easy addresses. In addition to this, one should preview an email before actually getting to open it. If the email looks like spam, a good idea would be to delete it.

2. Avoid pasting email addresses online

Robots have the potential to gather thousands of email addresses from sites that make email addresses public. Taking extra precautions when joining forums or registering for the product promotions is a wise decision. If one must register for these services, one should not use business or home emails. A special email for that purpose works best.

3. Ensure that it is not possible to scan an email address

In some cases, users need to leave their email addresses on some website. Therefore, experts advise people to use creative business or email addresses if they have to log on to these sites. It ensures that the spambots have a difficult time figuring out a person's email address. For example, one is at liberty to use a combination of characters. Further, it is optional to use the image capture feature for the email address. For those conversant with the different browser versions, using a JavaScript to construct the display of the email dynamically is also applicable.

4. Block and report spam on Gmail

Google detects spam automatically and places it in a spam folder. To make it easier for Google to carry out this filtering, one should report any suspicious emails. Gmail offers features where one clicks on the "Report Spam" button, and it instantly blocks it. Through this way, all emails from that specific sender do not reach a person's email address in any way.

5. Avoid loading attachments in spam emails

Some spam attachments contain loaded Trojans which can infect the computer. These Trojans trap the computer in that one is subscribed to a chain of spam distributions. In other cases, the Trojan may use the computer to distribute spam emails to contacts on the email list, or to others. With such vulnerability, a spammer has an individual's contact list in the palm of their hands, making them victim to spam email as well.


To maintain the safety of computers as well as that of the business, experts advise people to use safeties to scan computers to ensure that they are free and safe from malware. Other resources such as TotalSystemCare, provided by SafeBytes are excellent when it comes to deleting junk files, speeding up computers, and enhancing performance.

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